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seo expert chicago

SEO Services

Optimization and promotion of sites

Search engine optimization of the website is a set of measures aimed at increasing the positions in the results of the search engines for certain queries. To promote the site and reach higher places in search engine results, a set of measures to improve the site, called SEO-promotion, promotion or simply - the optimization of the site is used.

Stages of SEO optimization of the site - what and how we do.

seo Chicago SEO expert is held to a high standard, which is why we are a specialist in strategy, keyword research, on-site/off-site optimization

If you are looking for a local marketing company in Chicago contact our Chicago SEO experts and consultants. Professional SEO services in Chicago City, USA.

1. Compilation of the semantic kernel.

The initial and most important stage of site optimization is the definition of search queries on the basis of which the content of the site will be formed. We use the iterative model: we not only optimize the pages for words, but also look at what pages Yahoo or Google found most relevant to the site and are working on them.

2. Internal optimization of the website.

Internal optimization of the site is an ongoing process. In the studio there is a checklist consisting of more than 120 points, according to which the site is checked and optimized. Of course, this document is constantly updated.

Local Chicago SEO Expert helping big and small companies understand social media and organic search with a free audit.

3. Work on website usability.

The concept of optimization also includes the work on usability (user-friendliness) of the site. Search engines highly value resources that are convenient and useful for people.

4. Writing texts and increasing the trust (trust) in the search engines.

For your site, our copywriters can write both selling texts, and overview. Our specialists know how to write a text that will appeal to people and search engines.

Increasing the level of trust is one of the important factors of ranking sites in search engines. One of the main factors for improving the trust is high-quality, useful content, which we optimize for search engines.

5. Increase the speed of the site, mobile (adaptive) versions of the site, https (secure connection with the user) .

Both Yahoo and Google among the factors of indexing sites highlight the speed of its work, the convenience of working with the site from mobile devices, as well as the most recent factor - the ability of the site to work using the https protocol: with this connection, the traffic between the user and the server is encrypted, which significantly improves security data (for example, entered by the user).

Both Yahoo and Google better rank adaptive sites with https. SEO expert Chicago will help your business grow by driving more qualified traffic to your business than any source online.

6. Work with social networks.

It has long been no secret that search engines pay attention to the presence of the company in social networks and take into account when ranking search queries traffic from social networks. Therefore, we will not only write articles on partner resources about your site with a link to it, but also post news and reposts on social networks. In addition, as an integrator, we use robots that automatically publish your news or promotions to social networks.

In our work we use only white promotion methods, and many years of experience allow us to achieve positive results even with projects under the sanctions of search engines. Chicago SEO Expertspecialists will do all the necessary work connected with internal and external optimization of your site, due to which the search engines will necessarily pay attention to your site and raise it in search results for the queries you are interested in.

Advantages of SEO-promotion from FreelancerChicago SEO Expert

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High customer satisfaction

  • More than 500 official
  • letters of appreciation.
  • Willingness to recommend Freelancer Chicago SEO Expert as an effective and reliable partner.

Reliability of cooperation

  • Legal and financial guarantees of fulfillment of obligations on SEO-site promotion.
  • More than 700 qualified professionals in all areas of Internet marketing.

Experience and reputation

seo SEO Expert Chicago is a leading SEO company and top SEO services in Chicago, Digital Marketing Chicago. We focused on getting your website to the first page results!

  • 8th year in the market of Internet marketing.
  • More than 3,000 successful projects on maintenance.

A complex approach

  • Increase the attendance of the site.
  • Increase the conversion on the site.
  • Providing around-the-clock availability of the Internet resource.

100% performance control

  • Control over the results of the search engine optimization of the site in the "Personal Account".
  • Monitoring compliance with deadlines based on the approved work schedule.
  • Control by internal Quality Service.

Benefits and absence of hidden fees

  • The cost of services fixed in the contract for a period of 12 to 24 months.
  • Effective Privilege Program for regular customers.

SEO-optimizers of Chicago SEO Expertwill analyze the current problems of the resource and solve them, ensuring the growth of positions in the search issue. Due to this the traffic of your site will increase. More potential customers on the site - more profits!

  • Financial guarantees for achieving a high result
  • Financial guarantee of
  • achievement and retention of top positions of the Site

The cost of works for promotion directly depends on the positions of your site in search engines:

Rank Your Company on Top SEO Searches with maximum Traffic and Best Results in Chicago SEO Expert. Generate Online Leads Via Social Media Marketing on Google Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

  • When withdrawing and retaining the Site in the TOP-10 search engine, our monthly fee increases by 2.3 times;
  • The cost of finding the Site on the 10th position of the search issue is 3 times lower than the cost of being on the first one;
  • When the Site is outside the first ten outlets (TOP-10), there is no payment for the result achieved.
  • Financial guarantee of the
  • Rate of growth of the position of the Site
  • From the speed of our work on the promotion of the site depends the speed of growth of its positions.

We are financially motivated for rapid growth of positions - if the schedule of works is violated through our fault, we incur losses:

  • Not receiving payment for the high positions of the Site;
  • paying you a fine for each day of late work.
  • Financial guarantee of the
  • long-term results achieved

We use exclusively "white" methods - legal and proven technologies of website promotion. This guarantees to you that the high traffic of the site reached by us will remain with you for a long time.Contact us today to learn more about our Chicago SEO Expert in the USA & website result deliver.

The financial guarantee for the fulfillment of this obligation - when the site enters the ban * we perform all the work on the withdrawal of the site from the ban at our expense. Subscription fee for the period of withdrawal of the site from the ban is not charged.

A top notch Local Chicago SEO Expert, USA offering a best SEO & SEM services that generates result oriented leads, traffic and sales for your business websites. Complete exclusion of the site from the index database of the search engine for using prohibited methods of optimization.

Cost of services

The cost is calculated individually for each site. The price is determined by the laboriousness of promotion and retention of a particular site in TOP-10, depends on the competition in search results on the promoted requests and the availability of the site to this competition. Prices are indicated including VAT, excluding standard and temporary discounts.Top SERP rank assured with our Local Chicago SEO Expert. Better brand awareness. Contact us.

Only here:

  • Unique resources for the development and implementation of new methods of work
  • More than 2000 projects on constant service are the largest in India confirmed client portfolio. We have a unique experience in optimizing sites across the entire spectrum of Google topics.
  • More than 100 own experimental sites for rapid detection and testing of new solutions.
  • More than 70 research experiments on the analysis of changes in search engine algorithms every month.
  • In-depth work on behavioral ranking factors
  • We adapt each site to the requirements of 120 commercial and behavioral ranking factors in the SERP.
  • System of complex three-level control
  • Control by the client.

Operational control of key performance parameters of the "Personal Account", online. Access to the "Personal Account" is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monthly monitoring of achieved results and completed work - at the end of each reporting period, we provide a report detailing the work performed and planned, analytical data on the results achieved, explanations, conclusions and recommendations.

Control of the project team.

Compliance with the work schedule is controlled by an automated system of the Workflow class and is stimulated by the personnel motivation system.Organic Posts, Display Ads, & more Request Free Consultation Now! We Help Our Clients to Achieve Page 1 With Chicago SEO Expert. The #1 SEO company for small business promotion.

Control by the internal Quality Service, independent of the contractors and reporting directly to the General Director of "Local Chicago SEO Expert".

Quarterly evaluate the strategy chosen by the project manager for optimizing the site and the results of its implementation for compliance with current internal standards reflecting the latest trends in SEO.

Quarterly we question the clients and carry out corrective actions to eliminate the shortcomings in working with specific projects and general optimization of business processes.

Promptly respond to complaints - eliminate the problem / offer solutions for approval within 48 hours from the receipt of the claim.

We are proud that more than 98% of clients who applied to the Customer Service were satisfied with the results of the appeal - the results of our actions undertaken at their request.

High customer satisfaction, unattainable for competitors. Promote & Grow Your Business Online with Best Chicago SEO Expert, USA.

At least 3 letters of gratitude weekly (more than 50 official letters of appreciation on a quarterly basis) are confirmed and unreachable indicators for our competitors! You can familiarize yourself with the texts of these letters on our website by going to the section "Clients and Feedback".

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